Squash I found to be soo easy and quite satisfying to grow.  No real invaders either which was a pleasant suprise to lettuces and brocolli that are constantly under attack in the patch.  A chilli and garlic spray I made up works well on them but you are constantly battling the invaders trying to grow organic.  Those dam white butterflies!  I hate them and everyone now knows it, every time I scoff and run out there to do what?.. I don't know.  They happily lay those eggs on everything.  My childhood memories of the book 'the hungry caterpillar' now conjours up different thoughts!

I've learn't so  far after two plantings that the whole picture of those lovely straight rows of vegies doesn't work so well.  Well it looks good at first but when the invaders arrive they just mow them down one or multiples at a time.  The whole companion planting idea is the best way to go.  Far less casualities!  They hit and miss your babies, which gives them a much better chance. I will go into this another time, I just love it..

With Squash there is no stress, they really look after themselves and other than keeping them under control by cutting back their sprawling 'hands' so to speak, they really are easy and rewarding.  Firstly we had a flush of small squash, then towards the end of the season we had some unbelievably massive produce.


One of the Squash Plants I planted approx 6 weeks old, it grew about 5 times in size over summer

 First flush of little babies
The huge ones I spoke of, hollowed out and made rissotto with. Recipe to follow :)


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