Corn... make sure you read the packet!

Corn, oh yes.. one of my all time favourites, I just love the taste of corn on the cob.  I couldn't wait for it to be planting time, much the same as tomatoes really.. timing wise.  We planted some swwwwweeeeet corn, again I grew them from seed, about the same time as the tomatoes.  When they were about 10cms in height I eagerly planted them in the patch. I put a row of them in behind the tomatoes vaguely remembering reading about how they help those tomatoes stand up, I supose like stakes really.. interesting I thought..

The seedlings I grew were Sweet Corn indeed... sweet 16 of them rose up out of those beds at a fast rate (about 2m tall)  All I could think about was when they were going to be ready, eating those juicy cobs over summer.  I had heard from asking a few friends who had grew corn when would they be ready? After each inspection I was told, wait until the silks turn brown.. well that was a problem.  The hot days we had, had fried them.. soo what else could tell me?  Someone else said, peel a cob back and prick it with a pin.. if the juice is clear, they are not ready.. if they were milky.. go for it.  That was also a problem for me, they were decent and fat but they were dry.. dry and hard... hmm.

I left them go for another week, worried.. I go back to the packet... duh!  Please make sure you read what you are planting.. 'or leave the cobs to mature for golden popcorn'... ouch.. well we have a load of popcorn, fine pop corn it is!.. sadly though I wait for another season to see what fresh home grown corn is like.. dammm


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