Landscaping around the patch...getting ready for change

This morning we stirred about 6:30am to find that all was still dark... for a moment I sigh to see the days are now getting shorter.  Goodbye summer, I love summer so much, the warmth and sense of freedom you feel when it's warm is liberating.  The summer fruits, berries especially my favourite... oh how much I love anything berry.  So far we have in the garden a blackberry (dwarf I'm hoping it stays), a blueberry and of course strawberries and a cherry (all works in progress... very small and just establishing)  I digress, back to landscaping.  The season is changing and we need to get ready!

Over the last couple of weeks on a Saturday a friend of ours Phil has been over to help put in a path and set up the base for our greenhouse for our aquaponics setup.  Believe me, 7am starts in the backyard I am not used to, eagerly the whole household gets up to help which is exciting!.

We started with creating a path from the back gate, along the garage to the vegie patch and all around it.  Firstly we got some hardwood edging and stakes - with a string line of course we set out a fairly.. :) straight path about 1.2m from the garage, with a curve at the end to go around the back and to the fence.  We laid a whole heap of vinyl down (courtesy of Brendan and his love of all things vinyl).

We then (well poor Mat went back and forth to the garden centre with the trailer) 6 tonnes of gravel to lay over it all to be compressed next weekend.  Needless to say most of the day was spent shoveling and smoothing out to create a somewhat even surface.. we'll see how it looks next weekend once compressed, then some nice river rocks will be laid on top.


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