We must begin somewhere...

A mild flash or some may say flush hits as I attempt to write my first post, what to write about?!.  The list of things to write about is endless but I struggle with the 'beginnings'.

Where did this all start for me, was it the hours of nursery visits as a child - sitting in the car surrounded by plants that my father just had to have... was it the hours of pretending to help my parents as a disgruntled teenager around the garden, making out how stupid it was... or was it?  or seeing my mother sneakily take cuttings from plants from anywhere and everywhere on her travels.

I do have to admit quietly, I've always been fascinated by plants.  For me though perhaps it was a combination, I always was mesmerised by my grandmothers and my own mothers obsession with cooking - there was always such excitment and passion when they cooked.  From my Spanish grandmother and her beautiful paella (which I still miss to this day), home made aioli and delish sweet potato pastries......to my Welsh Grandmother and her amazing baking skills - mince tarts, lemon meringue pie, beef wellington and of course welsh chicken.  Helping my grandmothers cook was always something I participated in.  My mother being married to a Spanaird has had to combine both these skill sets to become in my eyes one of the most well rounded cooks of all time.  I admire her in so many ways, I could go on forever. The contrast for me was always great and as a child being exposed to soo many flavours was to say the least overwhelming!

So what happened in between?.  I knew my grandmothers where somewhat concerned where their produce came from, they made things from scratch and were proud of it.  Within only two generations we seem to have somewhat lost touch, a feeling of being disconnected with the land and only connected to our supermarkets!  I know there are many out there who are reconnecting but shouldn't we all feel this way?  Souldn't we all want to know where our food comes from and feel good about what we consume?
I would like to share some of the women in my lives amazing recipes along the journey, highlighted also by the freshness of home grown vegetables and fruit I grow or find in my travels.  So for me it isn't just about an brilliant recipe, it is more about the main characters or 'the stars of the show'  From a tiny seed to a flowering plant, the show is brilliant every time.  Combining this with my own personal health journey, my grandmothers and mothers love for cooking and my obsession with growing vegetables 'the life force' that we as humans need to survive.


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