The Beginnings - The Vegie Patch

I decided last night whilst pondering over where to start I decided what I would do is do some short posts on how it all began.  The makings of our patch, my first season planting vegies last year with some snippets on the outcome of those plantings.

Our patch itself is made quite simply out of totally recycled 'toner cartridges' made into sleepers and steel.  A friend of ours manufactures them - totally inert wonderful product.  I wish I could say go down to Bunnings and buy them but unfortunately here in Australia they are not being sold but exported to Japan of all places. They love the look of them I hear. Frustrating for those who want to be able to buy these materials here in Australia. I have heard of a product you can also buy which is called Ewood, not sure where you can buy though I would suggest you contact your local garden centre.

Our friend  Brendan (aka Nad) helped us make these raised beds and with lots of advice from others we decided on this layout/design, which would make it easier for moir to move within the patch.

Steel posts were put in place first and the sleepers were cut and arranged.  Then they were screwed together, eventually to be held into place with the soil, we were all pretty happy with the space that we created for our produce. I was sooo excited to see the final layout, the only thing  was I was feeling greedy and wanted more room now!

Here is the final layout of the patch - measuring approx 10 x 3m


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