Broad Beans and Garlic.. yes we have arrived...

Garlic - 10 days from bulb

A very happy girl today to see my Garlic breaking on through :) I'm very chuffed like a new mum that they have arrived, now I'm guessing the somewhat warmer weather we have had over the last 10 days helped. I have kept the soil moist since I planted them so I'm soo thankful to see them after being worried I put them in too early.

About the same time that I planted the Garlic, I also planted a whole heap of Broad Beans - Aaquadulce variety in the patch.  I heard that they are excellent to grow as they put back nitrogen into the soil.. most plants in the patch take it out. So in place of my Tomato crop they went...seeing we are going into cooler weather and nothing really exciting in the way of flowering happens in winter so these babies should brighten it up.  I am also hoping I will be able to reproduce an Indonesian snack we discovered on our travels through Flores and to Komodo a few years ago.  They are really creamy in taste and texture so I am looking forward to making some yummy dishes with them in Winter.

Broad Beans - 12 days from seed


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