Garlic.. equinox when? winter solstice..? autumn or what?

Monaro Garlic, Cooler climate species
Garlic was quite successful last year in the patch so I saved the good bulbs for this year to plant.  I also had a friend, Crispin's garlic from a family patch.  I was thinking I knew last year I got them in just in time - about May but ideally late March is when you plant them.  From what I've read, you need a certain amount of short days and also long days coming out of winter to Spring to form great bulbs.  Some of mine last year were on the small side but still very tasty morsels.

Something about winter equinox also rings in my head so I'm off searching what time is the best to plant.  The traditional date to plant garlic is on the shortest day, then harvest on the longest. This year the autumn equinox is on (2010 March 21, 3:32am).. so after this time is the best.  I though have put mine in a week early, because after I realised once I pulled the cloves apart eagerly during the week to get ready that I had to plant them within days so they didn't dry out... note to oneself not to be such a eager girl... so we'll see how we go, I'm sure.. well I hope mother nature is kind to my early planting.

I've planted about 20+ Monaro Garlic, 6 of Crispino and a few of Australian Garlic I thought I would try that we brought from the market.  We'll see how long they take to come up.. Cross fingers!


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