My Mosaic.. Project Madness

Mosaic has always been a hobby I have enjoyed over the past 10+ years, I have created all things from plates, mirrors, vases, pots to this final piece on our initially ugly backyard wall.  I don't know where this started for me because I don't remember anyone in my family doing mosaic when I was a child.  Though art and craft has always been prominent with the females in my family, I didn't really do alot of it, just one off projects..I have I must admit always been a keen painter and drawer.  I do recall my grandmothers both keen seamstresses, making tapestries and embroidery.  My mother sewing making alot of clothing for everyone in the family and now who also now does tiled mosaic house numbers for everyone she knows.  Aunty Hilda who I remember doing Leathercraft making handbags and wallets who now also mosaics.  Aunty Jill who would paint amazing native flowers and also transform smooth rocks into animal creations stroke by stroke with her paintbrush. My cousin Leah also was especially crafty, her thing was sewing, patchwork and appliqué. Also my sister a keen artist, who has a great knack of just putting it all together clothing/colour wise (she gets this from our mum.. the 'amazing coordinator').  Being creative has been a huge influence all round now I think about it.  

Tiles were not especially one of those things I ever liked...perhaps that is the point, smashing them into pieces brings much joy!  My father has a tile obsession and just quietly my mum does too.  He has successfully tiled almost all of our family home, from the floors (I do remember carpet at one point) to the walls (yes at least a quarter of the way up the wall), edging on the cornice, outside floors, kitchen bench and all surrounds and even a water feature which resides in the carport covered in tiles.  I know the Spanish love their tiles but from memory I always disliked the outings to discounted tile shops in search for a bargain on some imported Spanish or Italian tiles which my father would buy, even when we didn't have a spare place for them.

When I started out with this project I was a tad ambitious I have to admit so over the past year I have stopped and started this project .. a little bit by little bit when the sun was shining and I was feeling creative and or needed what I would call 'therapy'... just me, tiles and the wall.  Lots of things happened when I think back from the start to the end of this project.  It's great really to look at it now almost finished and contemplate all the things that happened.  I can recall sections of work and what I was thinking or feeling at the time.. nice in a way.  Some happy and some sad, to name a few:

2 friends and 1 cousin were married, past teenage haunts to deal with, i said goodbye to 2 friends, my mum was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, lovely travels to bali (twice) and mini breaks, my partner lost his dad, another friend lost his dad to motor neuron disease, our veggie patch is born, birth of many many friends babies, loads of mother-in-law troubles, my partner's brother got engaged, we became godparents, my baby sister turned 21 plus became a mum and  i became an aunty for the first time.. these are just some things that come to mind...

I started out with painting the wall with some textured paint I got from Bunnings, then did a basic outline of the oval when I realised it was going to cost me too much to paint the whole dam thing. So instead of words now I will show you the evolution of this project. It is 'almost' finished.. the wall still needs more cleaning and a few final pieces which I will post as soon as it is officially completed.

Not a good pic but 'the ugly' and terribly uneven wall..

  The clouds are in, I realise at this point that this  is going to take a long time..

 A little background, outline and sky

The tree begins.. happy days ..
more sky, background and the tree outline is done! finally onto the leaves...momentus

 My Mt I start to get excited and argue with fellow helpers and onlookers that IT IS HALF DONE... madness starts to set in.. yellow is offically making me sick..

white tiles more white tiles... the back ground mountains are in..

 The yellow is almost done, more and more white to go

  Final pieces of white..

Finally the tiling is complete, I am now relieved and happy I no longer have to make cement, nor smash tiles...

Another shot now all we have to do is get grouting..

 Onto the black grout

And more

Grouting of the mountain is finished

The white grouting... about 6kgs of grout applied..

All grouted, still some cleaning to be done but it is almost complete.. I am now tired but content :)


Natasha said...

Amazing! x

Pandora Behr said...

Wow - that's so beautiful.

wendy.kwiatkowski said...

Great work and love the comments

River said...

I love it!

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