Brrrrrr tis cold out there...

The cooler weather has officially arrived in Melbourne, including the flu/colds and all the nasty lurgy's that come along with it.  Most people dislike the weather here but I don't .. I like the contrast and It certainly does give one something to look forward to.   We have had an unusually warm April, which threw the patch into some confusion over the last month - the Eggplant and Capsicum kept kicking on and my Beans are still trying to hang in there but I can see their demise now that the 'real' cool is amongt us.

Broad Bean update: 7 weeks in and the broad beans are now starting to flower - they have grown to about 30-50cm in height and nothing at all has annoyed them in the way of pests which is pleasing - seeing I spend most of my time picking off the larvae from those dam white butterflies everywhere else.  It is nice to have some plants that need almost no attention.


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