Playing in the Greenhouse

I don't know how game most of you are to get outside in a Melbourne Winter but I must confess that 15 degree days make it hard to get out there rather than gazing out the window from the comfy warmth with a cup of tea in hand.  I rug up and brave that chill in the air anyhow for a few hours today at least the warmth of the greenhouse makes it a treat to work in.

Today I have painted in pots a few Raspberries which were kindly given to me yesterday after visiting some friends in Fairfield - thank you very much to Jan and Johanna for the gifts, I am quite chuffed. Johanna sweetly gave me about 5 canes of two types - one which fruits in Summer and another which fruits in Autumn from their garden.  Not sure where I will put them in the garden yet but for now I will nurse them in the Greenhouse.  I blended some compost and organic soil mix.

I also potted a Blueberry I had in a small pot and dug up the Passionfruit to see if I could save it from continually being eaten by the Earwig army.

Here are my lovely Raspberries :)

About 15 Broccoli growing without holes in the leaves for once!

Tomato plants in flower x 2

Broccoli, Cabbage, Tomato, Brussel Sprout, Raspberry, Chilli and Basil


nicholas said...

Looks fantastic! Winter tomatoes, very impressive. Are thinking about putting up shelves? How much warmer is it usually inside the greenhouse?

V's Fork to Fork said...

thanks Nic - no I hadn't because this was only temporary before we get the aquaponics system going. It is notably warmer not sure how much though.

Anonymous said...

they all look great ,
i to learned from my grandmother , and mom , , im 55 now , and loveto garden , really big into canning , i know some people look at ya kinda strange when you say canning , all i tell them is i would like to read and know what in the can ?????

V's Fork to Fork said...

Thanks! canning now that is something I haven't tried yet. Must do though as soon as I get enough of something. Love the fact we have learnt from our our mothers and grandmothers... gems!
I agree know whatz in that can!
Cheers :)

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