30,000 strong 'Our right to know' petition presented

Over 30,000 people signed the petition calling for GE food to be labelled, which was presented to government by celebrity chef, Andrew McConnell, in Melbourne.

Before the public consultations, the Federal Government had GE marked as only a minor issue for their expert panel to consider as part of this year's review of Australia's food labelling laws. The panel's consultation paper devoted just one line to GE.

By the time the public submissions had closed, the panel had received around 6,000 submissions and the majority were on GE. Add to this over 30,000 signatures from consumers and a GM-Free charter signed by 200 of Australia's leading chefs, and it would be fair to say that demand for GE labelling emerged as one of the major issues of the food labelling review.

The petition will be kept open until the panel reports back and government makes their decision, so if you haven't visited the site, there's still time.


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