Fully hydrated and plumped up!

Melbourne’s dams have banked 24 billion litres in the past week... Most of the rivers in the state are under flood warning.  Major flooding all over the north east of the state and even us city dwellers have been hit with 30mm on average in just a couple of days.

The patch is booming...fully hydrated, plumped up!  Coincidently we have just finished putting in our water tank.  A 3000L slimline next to our garage. We have been away for a week in sunny QLD helping a friend do some renovations so I really noticed the change the recent down pour has made and some 'making room' needed to be made, a little mini harvest!

Our new water tank

Super green after all the rain!.. Carrots, Celery, Leeks, Broad Beans, Garlic, Beets, Radish, Chard, Cabbage, Onion, Borage

Blue Borage Herb, which can be used in drinks. I just wanted to see how they grew!  They are also apparently good for bees to help make tasty honey.

I've recently brought a book on seed saving, I think we should make the effort to be as self sufficient as possible, besides the saving on buying seeds - I am going to eagerly try and get reading so I can work out what I need to do for my flowering spring onions.    

Spring Onion Flower - I hope to collect these seeds and keep for next season, I will journal my seed saving experiments along the way.

I am so thrilled to see the bees today buzzing around all of my broad beans.  We are almost ready to get our hive, I am soo excited as this Sunday we finish the second half of our beekeeping course.  Equipment we must buy now and register ourselves for a 'swarm'.. It is the start of the season and I just can't wait.  I know that Mat will be super excited to get out there in his suit.. anything for a dress up!

Getting right into the broad bean flowers which are now starting to form pods

In the greenhouse, the potatoes have all sprouted and I am almost at the top of the bag with mulch, finally! It has been a constant job everyday covering up the new shoots - well almost, sometimes every second.  Today was a big job as I had left them for 6 days.  I hope to have a full bag of yummy taties which will supply us for a couple of months I am hoping.  We'll see if the fruit of my labour pays off.

Almost full!

Some fruits of my work.. Celery, Beets (heirloom, white and red x 2, Black Spanish Radish and Carrots (finally growing straight)


River said...

Your harvest looks wonderful!
I've done a little seed saving in the past, mostly parsley, peas and beans. I always save one garlic bulb to break up and replant too.

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