New beginnings..

I have been pondering about a visit from a cousin of mine.  A welcomed visit for sure as last time we crossed paths his life as well as mine was very different.  It was so lovely to see him back on track and on 'his' journey.

It got me thinking though every life form comes to an end at some stage, during ones life there are also cycles and stages of growth and change.  Like seedlings, we all start out as babies ....we all grow, given a decent environment and although sometimes we take different paths than what was intended for us.. cycles start and continue until we recognise them and are willing to learn from them.  Sometimes like a neglected plant, ticking along, struggling to survive... but it tries.  Its intended purpose is to grow, change and fruit.. like us... No matter what we try to do to our lives, no matter what path we find ourselves on, we all have a purpose.. the universe has intent for each and every one of us.  It is just up to us to embrace it!

In the greenhouse the potatoes are sprouting, after eagerly watching them for the last few weeks.  I have been covering them up with compost as I see them come through.  Some have come up earlier than others which means I have odd shaped mounds in my bags which is slightly annoying because they are not evenly filled though I am sure I will be happy with the end results.

 Here we come Potato action!

In the patch there has been a little of 'out with the old and in with some temporaries'. Our capsicum finally came out after making it through most of winter. It braved the frost and cold and on its last legs was still fruiting!

 The last of our Capsicums

I transplanted most of the broccoli in the greenhouse in the patch as they really filled up the pots quickly and were already starting to flower even though they were only 30-40cms tall. So I have given them some more room to spread their legs.  The broad beans are still flowering which is lovely to bring some colour to the patch in winter and as a bonus the butterflies have been staying away! Love the fact that they think there are 'others' there and leave us alone... they think the flowers are other butterflies! 

Broad Beans almost as tall as me I am told..I think I am taller

Our Winter patch


River said...

Love the mini capsicums and your winter patch looks decidedly yummy.

Pandora Behr said...

Gee your garden looks amazing. I'm with River - love the Capsicums

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