The hump.... updates

It has been dull and bleak all day.  I've spent some of my time today snapping pictures to make me feel a little better.  The cold weather has given me the hump, a cold and not alot energy to do much other than wonder outside to check on things and potter when I feel I have enough power to.

Strawberry Temptation

I have a few pots with Strawberries - Nellie Kelly and Temptation, lucky for me being the only Strawberry eater in the household I say.  I probably pic half a dozen a week off them at the moment, which makes for a delightful garden treat while working.

This bed is doing well, I have planted some Heirloom Beets which I have been planting more of when I pull ready ones up.  They are a mix of beautiful, reds, orange and white.  Also we have some Leeks growing which were put in about 2 months ago, already we have used a couple which shot ahead of the rest with the warmer weather we've had.   A couple of Basil plants and Beans which are hanging in there.  Some Onions - Barletta, All Seasons Carrots, Celery, Spring Onion, Black Spanish Radish, Broccoli, Garlic and Radicchio - which is a Italian salad green. I have had no invaders in this bed at all, a very pleasing combination.

Over with the Broad Beans I have planted some more Radicchio leaves which have taken off, these were planted by seed when I put the beans in.  If you like your bitter greens they are awesome in flavour and nothing seems to bother them.

   Radicchio - Red Verona 7 weeks from seedling


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