Help Make Sustainable Food Choices I Say..

Today I logged in to my Diggers club account to look at buying some Potato bags and I noticed a free guide there I would like to share.  GM Crops have always worried me, sure we want to experiment as human beings but I believe people should have the right to choose natural foods that are free of genetic modification.

Those of you who buy big brands are in my mind risk taking. We have no knowledge about the long term side effects on our bodies and environment from consuming GM food sources.  I've seen documentaries on Monsanto and the big GM Debate, creating sterile seeds, messing with natures doesn't look good. 

Locally produced GE Canola is entering our food supply. Did you know that last year harvested GE canola was crushed for oil for the first time. Canola accounts for half the edible oil stock in Australia and is found in a range of everyday foods from margarine and vegetable oil to ice-cream, baby-food and breads.

Other GE contamination risks are ingredients derived from imported GE soy and corn which may be found in many processed foods like baked goods, flours, starches, sauces, sweets, soft drinks, lecithin and sausage skins, Soy alone can be found in 60% of all processed food.

Australia’s food labelling laws are extremely lax, which means that Australians are eating GE-foods without knowing it. But you can say no to taking this risk!

The Truefood Guide is your guide to avoiding genetically-engineered (GE) food -True Food Guide
Keep genetically engineered crops out of Australian soil and our food. Get out there friends and plant your heirloom seeds


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