Our Greenhouse.. experimenting in and out of the patch

We've recently added a Greenhouse to our backyard so we can eventually use it for our Aquaponics set up. After a many weeks of a couple of hours here and there, we finally got it all together.  We brought it on ebay from a seller called Bloom room.  They have loads of auctions on their new self assembly kits. 

While I have still been reading and researching, which Aquaponic system, what tanks to buy meanwhile my numerous seedlings are needing a home, we've decided to use it as a greenhouse for all our winter veg for the time being.  In the patch they fight with the white butterfly, getting eaten alive by those hatching larvae I have learnt to hate so much. We'll see how they go in the Greenhouse vs. the randoms I have planted in the patch.

So what I have done today is planted my seedlings out in pots, loads of Broccoli, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts as well as 4 or 5 surprise Tomato Plants that have self seeded in the patch from last season which I thought I would bring indoors to see if we can grow them in winter this year in the greenhouse.
I will post a picture tomorrow of the seedlings and the completed greenhouse :)

Nad and Phil laying edging and weed mat on the base.

  We partly assembled the main frame of the greenhouse then put it in place. 

  Scoria was laid in the bottom,  then a base of sand which we had left over from the path around the vegetable patch which was compacted.


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