Bitter Broad Beans which are indeed Tasty Pods....

The patch is officially out of control.  My girlfriend Sandy helped me this afternoon fill a whole wheelie green bin of green waste. Grateful I was for the help as the rain over the last week has made the garden boom.. to the honest though afterwards it didn't look like we had spent 2 hours harvesting, weeding, replanting and clipping.

There are Carrots fighting with the Celery, fat Leeks almost in flower because I can't seem use them fast enough, (though each time I need a onion I head for the Leeks), Beets are going to seed (we must of pulled out about a dozen of heirloom - red, yellow and white), and some hidden Cauliflower, Broccoli amongst the leaves of Broad Bean plants which I have now picked 3 baskets full of so far with more still to come.  Borage too is a plenty with the Bees happily gathering but it is way out of control... I had to take to it with some snippers as it was overrunning everything, so I saved the flowers I did chop for a tea blend I am going to make up.

As I mentioned the Borage is growing crazy, so I decided to pick some flowers.  I have read that the Romans feed the flowers to their soldiers because it was said to bring courage.  These days it is used in the UK in summer drinks, salads and is also used in teas. Those pretty blue and pink flowers you see in tea... usually Borage.

Pretty Borage Flowers I am going to blend with tea

I did have to note something interesting I found out this week.  After picking the Broad Beans a couple weeks ago just as they started to fatten up, I shelled them... cooked them (pan fried in some olive oil with some onion and garlic)... they were bitter.. and disappointingly I had planted a dozen and I still didn't really like them.  Blah blah the whole.. 'when you grow them yourself, the broad bean is delightful and smooth'.. . this was not the case and I was not happy.. until..  we went out to Sosta Cucina in North Melbourne, two friends of ours work there.  I had an Artichoke and Broad Bean salad... smooth, creamy like peas.  Mat thought to ask the chef, why? how are they soo creamy.. well... I learn't something new that day.. Broad Beans are to be 'double shelled'... no doubt about it, those bitter disappointments now turned into a 'valuable' crop in my eyes.  See the pics I have taken to show you if you didn't already know that... and they are sooo lovely!.

Broad Bean Pods

Broad Bean out of the Pod

The Tasty inner Pod of the Broad Bean, I now am in love with them


River said...

They need to be double-shelled??? That explains a lot. Why does nobody tell you these things when you've grown some and didn't like them? Everyone just assumes that everyone else knows these things. Thanks for finding that out.

V's Fork to Fork said...

Yep I know, nobody seems to pass that on. I almost threw out/gave away all of mine because I didn't like them! glad I know now.

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