Termia Kasih Indonesia

We've just come back last week from a lovely holiday in Indonesia.  I must admit I did miss my plants but I was certainly distracted by the wonderful variety of plants that grow in tropical climates.  I really loved seeing the abundant crops of rice. We even had the opportunity to walk along a rice paddy field to a waterfall @ Gunung Kawi which was just beautiful.

I also noticed that the Indonesians seemed to live a much more sustainable life than us.  Maybe as a developing country they need to, perhaps it is just what they will always do so, I hope so.  There were loads of Pisang (Banana) plants, Nanas (Pineapple), Kelapa (Coconut), Rice, Beans, Manggis (Mangosteen), Cassava and more I didn't know English names for.. basically though any piece of vacant land or road side will do.  

 Pisang (Banana) on the side of the road

Kelapa (Coconut) 

 Rice Paddy North of Ubud

@ Gunung Kawi North of Ubud
Walking along the rice paddies @ Gunung Kawi

We also visited an amazing Orchid garden.  I have never seen such beautiful flowers, even in the road side drains beautiful lillies and the most amazing tropical flowering plants I have ever seen.  

One of many of the most amazing orchids

 These remind me of Firecrackers!

Back at home, when we returned there was work to be done!  The Borage I planted for our bees had grown like crazy. The Broad Beans plants had died off, and the pods I was waiting on for my winter soups were ready for picking and drying.  Leeks are going to flower - great for seed saving.  Our 20+ garlic bulbs were ready for harvest and the greenhouse plants have gone wild.  Baby Watermelons have appeared and delightful red Raspberries ready for picking.  

  Leeks going to flower

Melons taking off in the greenhouse

Baby Watermelon!

Our first Raspberries

Our Garlic some Australian and NZ Munro

Thank you to my cousin Clive for taking some great roadside travel shots xxx


Red Nomad OZ said...

Your garden sounds abundant! It's so rewarding to harvest and cook seasonally - it'd be even more rewarding if the bugs didn't stop it from happening!!

Happy travels!!

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