Oh Honey... ahhh Sugar Sugar

Honey is here, we have taken our first frame of honey from our hive this week! Both of us have been living, breathing, working, tending, caring for Bees.  We have collected swarms from Couches, Rooftops, Chester Draws as well as Compost Bins. Our project is growing rapidly and we can't seem to keep up with the number of bees that need re-homing.  Last I wrote we were up to 6 hives, now we are steadily looking to well 12 hives!

Adrian Richardson - Mr Ready, Steady, Cook from La Luna Bistro in Carlton has jumped on board which is awesome - it is nice to have people participate, people who share a similar 'keep it local' philosophy we admire.  We also placed a hive at a wonderful Organic Bakery in Fitzroy call Fatto A Mano - much to my delight they do a whole heap of Gluten Free Goodies, so our visits to tend to our bees will also involve a tasty baked treat for me!  Thank you Universe for our paths crossing each other :)

Our first frame of almost 100% capped honey ready to go!

Close up of honey comb - this is uncapped honey


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