A real buzz around town

I must admit, we have been quite busy over the last month since we came home from Indonesia.  Our Honey Share Project has taken off and there has been some wonderful support so far in the community. Our vision of bring bees back into the city seems to be working.  So far we have 6 sites and a list which is growing.  Most of our time has been spent building boxes, working on our website, visiting our new babies and replying to inquiries.  This week we have had a mention in The Australian, The Age Epicure as well as Melbourne Broadsheet which is amazing!.  We hope to keep the momentum going!

 Mat checking one of the hives @ North Melbourne

Back to the patch and it is harvest time, thankfully my patience has paid off and we have had a wonderful haul of Garlic.  Approx 40 bulbs have been dug up and are hanging to dry out as we speak.  I did a lovely version of plats you see at the market, I just hope that mine doesn't fall apart :)

Garlic a plenty, let's see how long they last!

Beautiful Leek flowers which I am saving for seed

Potato bags are being slowly harvested as we speak (one bag at a time)  I must admit I was a little disappointed with the amount we got from each bag.  I don't know what I was expecting but I think it was more!  Though from two bags, we have managed to have 4 meals after separating them into 'Tiny', 'Mediums' and 'Large' So I can't complain too much.

One bag of delightful Potatoes

One meal of 'Tiny' Potato Salad


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