The first cut is the deepest... First time honey extracting

I know I know... my blogging has been shall I say... a long time in between drinks.  Lately though our life and energy has been invested into our Honey Share, Beekeeping Project which has taken off.  It is amazing to see how wonderfully supportive the community has been.  We now have a list of 45 businesses and individuals wanting to adopt a hive as well as lots of media attention.  The Herald Sun, The Age, ABC News and Radio talk back shows have all been in contact with us wanting to do a story.

We've also received a wonderful $1000 grant from the Awesome Foundation which went straight towards purchasing our much needed honey extractor.  See our pictures from our first extraction! So besides tending to our 18 hives around Melbourne our garden is still producing lots of wonderful fruit and vegetables.  The weather as we all know has been a tad... topsy turby with one day 40 degrees then the next 20 - our poor tomatoes have taken a battering with all this heat and then rain.  On the upside, I have never seen such big zucchini and cucumbers!

Corn in the making!

Yay my first Watermelon

 Giant Zucchini

 Lebanese Cucumbers

We have rock melons and water melons growing in the greenhouse which I am super chuffed, seeing that I have never grown one before in my life.  I've also put in a second lot of corn which has been growing like crazy with all this heat and rain.

Our highlight though is of course associated with our Bees - our first honey extraction! Mat and I were so excited to un cap those first few frames to extract that delicious golden nectar we call honey.  What a gift from our own backyard. See our pictures from our first extraction!



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The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies.Wendy

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